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can we normal wear the wind coat in high temperature work environment?

  If consumers has to work in the high temperature condition, so they would contact with more thermal radiation quantity than before, so under the high temperature condition, famous brands Men's wind coat production supplier said the best wearing suits must be produced with the thickness fabric, but maintain the softy feature, besides, the best dyeing color for high temperature condition work suits must be white color or another slight colors.

  Under the high temperature conditions, people would produce more sweats than before, so to prevent the thermal radiation effect burn hurt human skin and makes the human skill feel very hot and lack of water content, famous brands Men's wind coat production supplier warn users wear the slight clothing to improve the heat dissipation effect.


  Professional famous brands Men's wind coat production supplier suggests users wear the gloves, face mask and protection food cover under the high temperature work condition, but also needs wear the long sleeve and thick clothing and pants.

LAST:the different specification fabric has the different hands touch feelings