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do you know the developing history of the men's cashmere coat ?

  Generally speaking, the first men's cashmere coat is appeared in European, the time is about seventeen century and thirty years, but it is only popular in the upper class, because its price is very expensive, the poor people can’t buy one. The normal design idea of the early men's cashmere coat is have a cutting in the loin position, the direction is landscape orientation, then the waistline is collected in a whole unit, so at that time, they always called the men's cashmere coat as the long frock-coat or long coat.

  Then in the nineteen century about twenty years, the men's cashmere coat became the normal wearing suit for the normal customers, because there had came out some different brands of the cashmere coats manufacturers and factories, so the price of the cashmere coats has been reduced. And this time, the design idea of the men's cashmere coat has a big change too, for example, compared with the traditional design idea, the length of the cashmere coat is above the customer’s knee, the style is the big collar style or the waist style, the drum type also can be divided into two types, they are the single row and the double row.

  Then in the last phase of the nineteen century, the men's cashmere coat had face to its another developing period, for example, the style of the cashmere coats had change to be the out pocket style, the main materials is the tweed fabrics.

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