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how to choosing the washing methods of the women's cashmere coat

  In the cold winter, more and more people choose to wearing the women's cashmere coat to keep warm, as we know, all kinds and brands of the women's cashmere coat all has a very good and fashion design idea, so it is very popular in the winter, especially in recent years, it had became the first choice of the winter clothes. But after the women's cashmere coat is dirty, it is very hard to choosing the right washing method, because the contents of the cashmere coats are very complex, so in this article, as the professional women's cashmere coat manufacturer, we will teach you some knowledge about the right washing method of the cashmere coat:

  Generally speaking, no matter the water washing method or the drying washing method, all can be used to washing the women's cashmere coat , but no matter what cleaning methods you choose, before you cleaning it, you need to remark the key besmirch place, then you need to using a ruler to measure the size of the chest circumference, the body length and the sleeve length size;

  When you choosing the water washing methods, you also need to choosing the special wool scouring agent, you also need to make sure that the temperature of the water is 35 degrees, then you can add some scouring agent into the water, then put the women's cashmere coat into the water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes; when you cleaning the key besmirch place, you can choosing the knead crowded method, then the dust would be cleaning up, to the other place, you should using a small strength to washing.

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