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the right type of the detergent is very important to the latest cashmere coat

  When we go to the market to buy some detergent to washing our latest cashmere coat , we will find that there are so many different kinds and brands of the detergent been sold, they had been divided into two types too, such as the normal detergent and the neutral detergent, because most of the customers are know a little knowledge about the detergent, so they feel so confused and do not know how to choosing a right type of the neutral detergent to cleaning the latest cashmere coat .

  But generally speaking, you should choosing using the neutral detergent to cleaning the latest cashmere coat , because in the label of the latest cashmere coat , you will find that it has its cashmere content and the washing information, all of the manufacturers suggests that you should choosing the neutral detergent.

  So before you washing your latest cashmere coat , you should make sure that you had choosing the hot water, to make sure to have a good washing result, you can put the latest cashmere coat in the water for ten minutes or twenty minutes, then you can add some neutral detergent into the water, you will find that those dust are very easy to been cleaning out.

  But after you cleaning the cashmere coats, but you find that there are still have some obstinate stains on the cashmere coats surface, then you should directly using the fabric which has some neutral detergent to cleaning it, then using some cleaning water to clean up the neutral detergent.

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