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how to clean the dust of the latest cashmere coat ?

  Generally speaking, no matter what kinds of the dust or oil had been leaved on your latest cashmere coat surface, you all need to clean it in the short time, because if the dust had been leaved in the latest cashmere coat for a long time, then it would be very hard to cleaning out.

  For example, if there had been some dusts on your cashmere coat surface, but you forgot to cleaning it, then those dusts would be very deeply to influenced the cashmere fiber, and when you remember to cleaning it, you need to using a very big strength, so there would be produced some friction, and those friction would causing the balling up problems of the cashmere coats. So when you washing your coats, you need to collect them into two different units, then using the different cleaning methods to cleaning the dust

  Compared with the other kinds of the besmirch, the juice is very most easy to cleaning out, as we know, when we drinking the juice, it is very easy to leave some juice on your latest cashmere coat surface, but do not worry, the juice is very easy to been wipe clean, the solve method is to using a cleaning towel, which had been immersion wetting by the hot water, then using a light strength to wiping; but if you had makes some tea or coffee on your latest cashmere coat surface, then you need to using a dry towel to cleaning them, because the tea and coffee all belongs to the waterborne, so you need using a dry towel.

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